Aire Ensemble








The Aire Ensemble trio has entertained audiences of all ages in a variety of settings, from a childrens’ concert at HEART, to more mature listeners in Burley Hall and to all ages at Kirkstall Festival. The trio performs classical chamber music on flute, clarinet and piano.

The Aire Ensemble provides seasonally themed concerts and specific workshops for various key stages. Their entertaining “Animal Fair” workshop encourages children to take part as if they were at a Village Fair with various animal props, aimed at EYFS and KS1.  For older children at KS2 there are a couple of workshops to choose from.  “Music – What’s the Use?” looks at how music has been used over the centuries, encouraging the children to think about how music relates to different situations both then and now and uses various media to illustrate the musical examples.  “The Grand Musical Tour of Europe ” takes the children on a trip through various European countries via their music.

Curriculum links go beyond music and encompass storytelling, language, cultural and social development, design and other expressive arts, history, science and geography.