One Off Loans and Topic Boxes

One Off Loans

Bespoke artefact loans of up to 25 items are available for ALL schools, covering a variety of topics of your choice.

Popular subjects include:
Africa, Animals, Antarctic, Dinosaurs, Diwali, Electricity, Explorers, Florence Nightingale, Fossils, Great Fire of London, Gypsy Roma Travellers, Houses & Homes, Insects, Islam, Judaism, Knights & Castles, Leeds, Minibeasts, Native Americans, Pirates, Rainforest, Rivers, Rocks, Sikhism, Skeletons, Space, Transport, Tudors, Victorians and World War 1.

The cost of these Pay As You Go loans is £125 for a 5 week loan. Schools will need to collect from Artemis and return within 5 weeks.

Leeds Local Authority schools are currently paying to use this service through your dedicated school grant contribution, so there is no additional charge for one off loans.

Topic Boxes

Artemis also provides off the shelf, portable boxes of artefacts for many of the most popular History topics. The boxes are all very different and most contain a combination of original and replica objects.

Artemis Topic Boxes are currently available for Stone Age, Iron Age, Bronze Age, Mayans, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Romans, Vikings, Anglo Saxons, Crime & Punishment, Toys of the Past, Seaside, WW11.

For Leeds Local Authority schools and schools who have subscribed to a service agreement with us, these Artemis Topic Boxes are available as part of your regular loan service at no additional charge.

For Academies and schools outside Leeds, the cost for an Artemis Topic Box is £50 for a five week loan. Schools will need to collect from Artemis and return within 5 weeks.


To arrange either of these services, please contact Artemis directly on 0113 244 0497 or email