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The Artemis collection consists of around 10,000 artefacts and original works of art which can be used to support classroom teaching and learning. Housed in premises in Holbeck, the collection is continuously being enhanced with additional material to reflect schools requirements and teachers requests, and to ensure that the items on loan are suitable for school use.

The collection is wide-ranging and covers most areas of the National Curriculum. Most of the artefacts are original, but good quality replicas and models are also included.  Many items are housed in custom made cases to enable them to be safely displayed in school.

Areas covered by the collection include:

  • natural history
  • cultural items from around the world
  • a huge range of history topics
  • geology
  • sculpture
  • textiles
  • ceramics and crafts
  • pictures, drawings and prints in a variety of media


Here is just a selection of some of the subjects we have supported with resources during the current academic year:

History –Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Ancient China, Ancient Greece, Mayans, Aztecs, Egyptians, Vikings, Anglo Saxons, Knights & Castles, Explorers, Great Fire of London, Crime & Punishment, Victorians, Houses & Homes, 50s/60s/70s TV & Radio, Moving Pictures, Famous People, , Toys (past to present), World War 1 and World War 2

Science – Animals, Mammals, Animal & Humans, Teeth, Digestive System, Skeletons, Sound & Hearing, Sea Life, Dinosaurs, Minibeasts

Geography –Rivers, Water Cycles, Mexico, India, Jungles, Islands, Weather, Rainforest, Amazon & South America, Australia & the Aborigines

Visual Art – Famous Artists, Henry Moore, Modern Art, Abstract Art, Seasons, Colours, Portraits, Landscapes, Textiles, Take One Picture

Religious Studies – Judaism, Islam, Divali, Christianity, Christmas and the Nativity

If you’re not using us at the moment, maybe we can help you during 2015 with any of the above topics? Or indeed any others that you may be studying?


What are the benefits of using artefacts in the classroom? 

At Artemis we believe there are many advantages to using artefacts and artwork as aids to teaching and learning. Objects are primary sources of information which directly engage the senses. They motivate investigation, analysis, discussion, research, recording and the retrieval of information, often cutting across curricular boundaries. Above all, they provide a creative stimulus for pupils of any age and any ability, bringing a sense of excitement to the classroom

Get in touch to arrange your loan!

e: artemis@leeds.gov.uk

t: 0113 244 0497

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