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For all you organised teachers who are keen to get everything ship shape before the summer holidays, the Artemis delivery dates are now available here.

If you are really organised, you can even get all of your requests in for the entire academic year.  All we ask is that you complete a Request Form for each ‘batch’ of artefacts and/or art that you want.  Please specify the exact weeks that you would like your box of delights, as then we can concentrate on selecting some really amazing things for you, rather than worrying about second guessing when you would like them.

*NB Don’t worry, we won’t be delivering by vintage fire engine, we have a shiny van, but we like to show off our fantastic collection whenever we can!

South Delivery and Collection Dates

West Delivery and Collection Dates

North West Delivery and Collection Dates

North East Delivery and Collection Dates

East Delivery and Collection Dates

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