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London’s Burning: Fire, Fire!

This exciting creative project is designed to help KS1 pupils understand the context of the Great Fire of London, provide them with an inspirational experience to write about and develop important fire safety knowledge.

The project is led by experienced, forest school practitioner Annie Berrington.  The pupils will explore drawings and first hand recounts of the great fire of London.  They then make a replica city, exploring the different materials which were used, the layout of the buildings and how the fire started.    Pupils will be able to experience a real fire in the second half of the day, when their city is set alight from a spark.   This is very carefully managed and allows the children to consider the impact of the weather conditions on the fire.  It also develops their understanding of fire safety procedures.

For full information, including how to book, please see the Londons Burning; Fire Fire Flyer 2017-18 .

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