Support and Guidance

It can be challenging for schools and teachers to be an expert in every subject.   The ArtForms Arts team offer support to schools through a variety of routes.

Bespoke school support

As part of the Learning Improvement 0-19 Team, the Arts Development Team offer schools bespoke support to schools in, and through, the arts.   In 2016/17, we worked on a 1:1 basis with a number of primary school teachers across Leeds.  Each of the schools’ requirements was different and we were able to help with things such as strategic development of the arts, reviewing and developing planning, auditing staff skills and experience.

The clue is in the title, if you tell us what you need support with, we will do our best to find the best solution.  For further information, or to discuss the requirements for your school, please email


Specific skills and knowledge development

ArtForms Arts offer a range of specific training session, in and through the arts.  Please see the Professional Development page for further information.  If there is any training that you would like to attend, which we aren’t currently offering, please let us know.  We aim to please!


Whole Staff Meetings in school

We deliver staff meetings and training sessions at your school.  These can include training on aspects of the Art, Craft and Design curriculum; the Design and Technology curriculum and Drama.   If you wish to discuss any of these options, please email