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January 2019

Arts Council England
A report from the Arts Council on research into arts and culture’s contribution to placemaking
‘Partner, Investor, Champion’ reports on Arts Council England’s role in place-making, exploring the economic impact arts and culture has in places by supporting regeneration, jobs and businesses; the social impact arts and culture has in places by engaging local communities, and making places for them to live, work and play; and how the Arts Council is working with local councils and communities to back places with ambition across the country.

The Arts Council are launching a new fund investing in leadership development – 9th January
A blog post by Jane Tarr, ACE’s Director of Skills and Workforces, introducing the recently-launched £6 million Transforming Leadership fund. Grants range from between £150,000 – £1 million and the deadline for expressions of interest is 7 February. The fund will be open for applications in March.
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Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport
Five areas have been awarded the Cultural Development Fund (CDF) by the Arts Council – 18th January
Grimsby, Thames Estuary, Plymouth, Wakefield and Worcester will receive millions of pounds of funding to invest in culture, support economic growth and create more than 1,300 new jobs across the country. This funding forms part of the Creative Industries Sector Deal to help the country’s world-leading cultural and creative businesses thrive.It is expected that the funding will create over 1,300 new jobs, benefit 2,000 people through skills training, and support more than 700 businesses. Through match-funding, an additional £17.5 million will be invested across the five locations.

Major study to track impact of creative activity on children aged 0-25 – 25th January
A world-first academic study into the impact of sustained arts activities on young people between the ages of 0 and 25 has begun in Leicester. Representatives from De Montfort University (DMU) and Arts Council England (ACE) today launched Talent25, a programme to assess the ongoing impact of activities such as learning music, visiting museums, going to children’s festivals and watching theatre. The project, first announced two years ago, begins amid ongoing concern about the decline in arts provision at all levels of school education.

New report reveals that young people are more likely to use galleries to unwind and de-stress – 21st January
In a survey of 2,500 people for the Art Fund, those under thirty were twice as likely to say they went to a gallery or museum at least once a month in order to “de-stress”. Although 63% of respondents said they had visited for this purpose at some point, only 6% (and 13% of under-30s) did so monthly, leading the report to conclude that the venues are “a significant untapped resource” for supporting wellbeing.

‘We fight for every penny’: teachers say not enough resources for arts education – 11th January
Primary school-aged children in England have been suffering a shocking decline in the arts education they receive since 2010, according to a new survey of teachers and arts organisations published by the Fabian Society.


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