Trio Globo


Trio Globo takes you on a trip around the world in music, dance and song. Playing accordion, violin, clarinet, saxophone and a wide variety of percussion, they explore how music has grown out of the traditions of different countries. They bring a suitcase packed with percussion for audience participation, as well as songs and dances to try. Not just hands on, but feet and voices too! A Powerpoint brings visual images and links the journey to Geography, R.E. and P.S.E.

Their hour-long show covers:


  • exploring pulse
  • listening for different textures and timbres
  • moving to music


  • exploring different metres
  • listening and comparing music of different genres
  • identifying families of instruments and world instruments

KS3 and 4

  • we can offer workshops for small groups exploring improvisation and composition using as stimulus traditional styles from around the world.

Violin – Gill Pearson

Clarinet/Sax – Mary Plumb

Accordion – Pete Rosser