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Work with a professional drama practitioner in your school to bring stories to life


The Smartest Giant in Town: Year 3 and 4, delivered by Pavla Beier

In this practical workshop, the pupils take on the roles of the humans and the giants to support their understanding of their point of view. Facilitated by the drama practitioner (also in role), the pupils have to work together to present their argument, as humans or giants, to the Mayor of the town. This workshop focuses on preconceptions and tolerance by listening to and interrogating different perspectives.

Full day £280; half day £225


Beowulf and Warriors: Year 5 and 6, delivered by Anthony Haddon

Using narration and working in role the children will experience the story from the point of view of warriors who follow Beowulf on a journey across the Baltic sea to avenge his father’s allies of a monstrous human eating death shadow called Grendel. Designed to get pupil’s creative juices flowing in preparation to write, this session will help pupils to visualise and inhabit the world so that they can describe events as if they were there, as well as take on the perspective of the narrator.

Full day £280; half day £225

Booking for these workshops is done through the Leeds for Learning website.  To discuss dates and practical logistics, please contact jane.zanzottera@leeds.gov.uk