Humbug takes place deep beneath the city, where a secret world full of wonder awaits; a place where wizards bake endless gingerbread, goblins bottle festive cheer, and there’s a whole department devoted to detangling fairy-lights!

This is the Ministry of Make Believe…

But recently, strange things have been happening at the Ministry. From nose-less snowmen, to exploding baubles, and a forest of bald Christmas trees – things are not quite right… It’s almost like someone (or something) is trying to sabotage Christmas! Together with Secret Agent Dash, audiences will help to solve the mystery and save the day!

male and female characters standing with hands on hips

Humbug is an innovative digital production which will allow pupils to enjoy seven filmed episodes of this exciting festive story without leaving the school building. The production is accompanied by a printable Resource Pack filled with clues, activities and suggested extended learning opportunities for Key Stages 1 and 2. Humbug is available for schools to access from 1st – 31st December 2020. Each episode is short (approx. 7 minutes running time) to allow them to be used as part of a lesson. However, they can be watched consecutively and have a total running of 45 – 60 mins viewing.

By accessing Humbug, pupils will:
• Have the opportunity to watch an unique theatre production, performed by professional actors and devised specifically for a digital platform.
• Be able to use the story as a stimulus for their own creative Christmas story.
• Access the Resource Pack which supports subjects across the curriculum including:
o English (setting and character development);
o Maths (maps and directions);
o Science (plants and nature);
o Art, Craft and Design (3D decorations);
o D&T (Food and Nutrition);
• Engage with the mystery and work, as a class, to solve the mystery.
• Meet one of the actors and/or member of the creative team through a bespoke interactive workshop delivered online (optional).


For further information and to book the production, please visit Leeds for Learning.  If you have any other enquiries, please email