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*NEW* artist led workshops for 2020!

New year!  New artist led workshops!


We are delighted to have new workshops for 2020.  All workshops can be booked through the Leeds for Learning ‘Store’.

Brilliant Bayeux! delivered by Sam Paechter from The Boffin Project

Children will create their own clay model of an archer of foot soldier from the Bayeux Tapestry.  They will develop clay modelling techniques, learn about the appropriate use of tools and develop skills in accurately reproducing human forms and postures in three dimensions. Each child will produce a clay model, which will subsequently be fired and returned to the school.   Please see the Brilliant Bayeux Flyer for further information.


Dance workshops delivered by Olivia Campbell and Jessica Smith

Dance can be a great way of exploring aspects of the curriculum through movement.  There are three workshops to choose from.  They can be delivered throughout one day, alternatively they can be explored in more detail over the course of a half term.  Please click on the links below for further information:

Dancing Around the World:explore cultures from around the world, through dance

Storytelling Through Dance:create and tell as story through dance, as part of Year of Reading

The Planet is Ours:investigate climate change through movement


For assistance with booking the workshop/s or for any further information, please contact jane.zanzottera@leeds.gov.uk