Creative Projects

“A curriculum that is infused with multi-disciplinary, creativity and enterprise…identifies, nurtures and trains tomorrow’s creative and cultural talent.”

The Warwick Commission, 2015

Bringing an artist into your classroom can inspire and engage your students and provide teachers with the opportunity for ‘on the job’ training in a particular art form or creative approach. 

ArtForms work with a range of local artists and support them to create interesting and imaginative projects which enhance the curriculum.   The menu of creative projects is designed to address aspects of the curriculum through the arts.  If you’ve got an idea for an project that you would like to see, please get in touch.

For an overview of the creative projects available in 2018/19, please see our Creative Projects Overview 2018/9.

For information about how to book a Creative Project through the Leeds for Learning website, please see this ‘how to’ guide.