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Celebrate Year of Reading with this fantastic workshop!


This exciting den building and English workshop is designed to give children a focal point for writing and poetry. The day will focus on team work, problem solving, listening and creativity, sparking imaginations and creating ideas which act as a stimulus for creative writing and poetry.

It is suitable for Foundation Stage, KS1 or KS2 pupils, including SILCs, and can be adapted to suit the particular needs, age group and environment of your school.

During the morning pupils will:
• be introduced to the aims for the day with a key focus on respect, team work, health and safety, design, communication, organisation and above all, being creative and having fun
• in teams develop the storyline around their den – what is it called, who lives in it, how did they get there, and come up with initial design ideas and a small scale 3D structure of their den
• research and explore the concept of den building
• be introduced to the materials they will use to build their den
• create a final design for their den with notes on how to build it

During the afternoon pupils will:
• build their dens either inside or outdoors (depending upon the weather) for approx. one hour
• work in teams inside the den to create a story or poem based around it
• share their stories and poems with the rest of the group or in smaller groups within the dens
• tidy up and return to the classroom to evaluate their experiences from the day

What the school will need to provide:
• Class teachers should be present throughout the day
• Teachers will need to ensure that the class is split into teams prior to the day
• Paper and pens

One class of pupils: £300

Two classes of pupils: £400

Three classes of pupils: £450

To book this artist led workshop, please visit the Leeds for Learning Store and search ‘Tales From The Den’.  If you have any queries about the project or how to book, please contact jane.zanzottera@leeds.gov.uk