How We Work

How We Work

LeedsCEP is a membership organisation, managed by one paid part-time manager. Anyone can become a member of LeedsCEP by registering on our Mailing List.

There are different ways you can get involved in the work of LeedsCEP, depending on your area of interest or expertise and how much time you can commit.  We hope participation in LeedsCEP will benefit you individually as well as your organisation. LeedsCEP is its members and we believe, by coming together, we can work more effectively for the benefit of children and young people in Leeds.

What do I get as a member?

By signing up the mailing list, you will receive regular emails and half-termly newsletters updating you on cultural and creative work in the city for children and young people.  We share information on interesting projects and initiatives, members’ news, policy and lobbying information, CPD opportunities as well as opportunities for funding, jobs and partnership working. Members are also be invited to networking events.

Members can become more actively involved in our ‘Priority Pods’ and specific ‘task & finish’ groups that emerge from the work of the Pods. These drive forward our action plan and are an opportunity to work on specific projects that are of interest and benefit to members.

Who is involved in LeedsCEP?

We have a small Executive Group who oversee the LeedsCEP Manager role, as this is a funded role.  We also have an Independent Chair, Dr Briony Thomas, who is part of the Executive Group and chairs our Steering Group. This is a voluntary role. Briony is also Associate Professor of Design Science at the University of Leeds.

Our Steering Group

The Steering Group is responsible for driving forward the LeedsCEP Action Plan and informing and influencing joint strategic cultural education programmes and policies within the city.  It provides our vision and steer, reviewing progress and delivery of the action plan as well as championing and advocating for the value of cultural education amongst funders and stakeholders.

Comprising approximately 12-15 members, the Steering Group draws on expertise from the cultural sector, education sector, community, local authority and creative industries.  We try and ensure there is diverse representation to reflect the communities of Leeds and that specialist knowledge and experience across the sectors is brought into our work.

We are currently developing ways in which young people can be part of, or be represented in, the Steering Group. Our Steering Group meets every 8-12 weeks.

If you are interested in becoming part of our Steering Group, contact:, 

More information here: Steering Group Role

Priority Pods

Priority Pods lead on driving forward actions relating to the four Priority Areas in our Action Plan.

  • Advocacy & Access
  • Youth Voice
  • Progression & Skills
  • Health & Well-being

Priority Pods are a coming together of individuals with an interest or experience in that priority area.  Pods are an opportunity to share best practice, develop CPD or peer learning opportunities, develop partnership projects and identify funding to support activity.  Smaller ‘task & finish’ groups may emerge from the Pods to focus on specific pieces of work. 

LeedsCEP members can choose to join any of the Priority Pods relevant to their work or area of expertise. Information about the work of the Pods and meeting dates will be shared with the wider membership on email and through the newsletters. A Pod Leader drives forward the activity of the Pod and reports back to the Steering Group. This role  can be shared and is supported by the LeedsCEP Manager who coordinates Pod activity.  Priority Pods meet every 8 – 12 weeks, as determined by the group.

More information here on the Pod Leader Role

If you would like to join any of the Priority Pod sessions, contact

A list of current members who have been involved in shaping the partnership and contributing to working groups can be found here: LeedsCEP Network and working group membership.

Can I just be kept informed? 

Absolutely! We have a membership of approximately 120 partners, some of whom just receive our emails, newsletters and invites to events.  Members can be as active as they wish in terms of getting involved in our Pod activity, shared projects and attending events.


Look at our LeedsCEP Terms of Reference and LeedsCEP Action Plan for more information on how we work and what we are working towards.

Questions? Ideas? and anything LeedsCEP related –  just contact