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Creative writing with #foundfiction

#foundfiction is a fun, active, immersive project to capture pupils’ imaginations around writing and improve their perceptions of the world through literature.

The idea behind #foundfiction is simple: writers send them short stories, which they print out, fold into envelopes marked READ ME, and leave in public spaces for people to find. When someone stumbles upon a piece of #foundfiction, they’re invited to share their experience on social media under the hashtag #foundfiction. Hiding and finding stories is a great way to excite young people in writing, reading and being inspired by the world around them!

With this workshop, they are bringing the #foundfiction concept to the classroom for upper KS2 pupils. The workshop will involve:
1. Introduction to #foundfiction, sharing  how  the project was founded, how it has grown across the world, and what it says about the nature of inspiration: that stories exist everywhere – not just in a bookshop or a library, but everywhere you are.
2. Writing exercises. A quick-fire session using creative writing templates which help pupils create stories at speed. They will focus on time and place, encouraging the pupils to write stories set in areas and people in their community they know well.
3. Packaging the stories. They will print the stories and get the pupils to fold them into envelopes, which they’ll  brand with an FF in red paint. At the bottom of each story, the person finding it will be encouraged to share their experiences to social media using the #foundfiction hashtag.
4. Mapping the distribution. While the paint is drying, they will use a map of the local area to brainstorm the best places to leave the #foundfiction envelopes, based on the pupils’ knowledge of their community. This will get the pupils thinking about who might find the story and what it might mean to them, building empathy skills.
5. Distributing the stories. Each pupil will go home with a bundle of their own stories, which they will distribute in the area of their community where they’ve set their story. This will give them a memento of the day and reaffirm that inspiration exists in everyday places.
6. Parental involvement. With the school’s support, they will encourage parents to get involved in this project by helping with the distributing and sharing images online if appropriate.

#foundfiction work with organisations small and large to inspire, empower and activate children and adults of all ages. It’s mission is to give people a creative vision that helps them find stories wherever they are – sharpening their skills, improving their wellbeing and transcending their experience of the world around them.

This workshop is led by Steve Clarkson, founder of #foundfiction and an award-winning author, speaker and spoken word performer. To find out more about this workshop, please contact Steve by email: fictionfound@gmail.com