ArtForms Music offers music learning opportunities to learners at school, in the community and in out-of-school settings. Supporting learners from first access through to excellence, ArtForms Music offers a range of activity in all genres, and for learners of all ages.

We offer vocal and instrumental learning in and out of school, in a wide range of instruments and across a wide range of genres. ArtForms Music Centres offer community-based music learning across the city, and City of Leeds Youth Music offers the opportunity for young musicians to play at a very high level.

We support schools through CPD and through the Music Connect network, as well as delivering National Curriculum teaching.

ArtForms Music is also the lead partner for the Leeds Music Education Partnership – the music education hub for Leeds.


Work for ArtForms

We normally advertise during the Summer Term, but occasionally throughout the year.  Please check the Leeds City Council job vacancy page.