World Music Workshops

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Whether it’s Sensational Samba, Dazzling Djembe Drumming, Sunny Steel Pans or many others, ArtForms World Music Workshops can bring musical excitement and adventure in to your classrooms! World Music Workshops can be stand alone events, end of term treats or tied into a class topic work or wider school events. Our experienced workshop practitioners will bring a set of instruments and work with classes to give children a taste of a different culture whilst also developing key musical skills.

Most workshops start the day with a demonstration and finish with a performance or small concert; both can be for the whole school, selected year groups, and/or parents. They can be run for either full classes or half classes on a carousel and you must ensure that a member of school staff is present throughout each workshop session. Following the workshop it may be possible to hire a set of instruments for follow up work with the children.

Once a school makes a booking the practitioner will contact your named lead so that the timings, format and content of the workshops can be agreed prior to the delivery day. If you wish to discuss the options before making a booking, please contact

Workshops £310 – full day, £183 – half day 
Equipment delivery £45 (essential for workshops Code AFMW 3 andAFMW 4)

Please note: we require 4 weeks’ notice if you need to cancel a workshop once booked, otherwise you will be charged the full amount.

Available Workshops:

Code AFMW 1     Songs and Stories                    suitable for EYFS, KS 1 or KS 2

Code AFMW 2     Tamboo Bamboo                       suitable for KS 2, KS 3 or KS 4

Code AFMW 3     West African Drumming           suitable for KS 2, KS 3 or KS 4

Code AFMW 4     Introducing Boomdangs          suitable for upper KS 2, KS 3 or KS 4 

Code AFMW 5     World and Junk Percussion     suitable for KS 2, KS 3 or KS 4

Code AFMW 6     Brazilian Samba Drumming     suitable for KS 2, KS 3 or KS 4

Code AFMW 7     Samba Rock                              suitable for KS 3 or KS 4

Code AFMW 8     Irish Cultural Arts                      suitable for KS 2 or KS 3


Further information

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