Workshops and Performances

Performances and Workshops

Interactive performances and workshops can bring to life many areas of topic work and enhance a multitude of special occasions.

Our specialist groups and musicians offer many options including:

  • Christmas, Carnival, Year 6 leavers
  • Grand European Music Tour, Songs and Stories Around the World, Irish Cultural Arts, Music from South America, Indian Percussion (dhol and tabla), The Caribbean, Samba, Introducing Boomdangs, Steel Pans
  • Famous Composers, What’s the Use of Music?, Animal Fair, Toys, Fairy Tales, The Seaside, Junk Percussion, The Science of Sound
  • Romans, Egyptians, Ancient Greece, Anglo Saxons, Viking, Medieval, Tudors, Victorians, WW1 and WW2
  • Folk Rock, Creative Jazz, Bamboo Tamboo, Duos, Trios, SEND Specialists

Live Music in Schools for all key stages

Pupils will enjoy the unique experience of working with professionals musicians and inspirational role models.

Click here for details of groups that are available to book through our Live Music in Schools Programme.

Email for further information and to book.

Music Workshops and Follow-Up Resources for all key stages

All workshops are designed to stimulate cross-curricular links. Class teachers often turn the whole day over to related art and creative writing sessions which they intersperse with the music activities. Our practitioner can help by suggesting preparatory and follow-up ideas.

If you are incorporating your workshop into an extended scheme of work, we have resources and instruments which schools can hire for periods of 2 to 6 weeks.

Full details of all workshops can be found by clicking here. 
The updated details for 2021-22 are coming soon – please email Ed at the address below if you would like any further information.

Email for further information and to book.

Bespoke SEND programmes

Full and half day workshops together with extended projects, clubs and creative activities can be tailored to your particular needs. A wide range of one-day events in partnership with YAMSEN is also available.

Email for information and to book.