Weekly Delivery and Contracts

ArtForms Music offers a wide range of music provision in schools. If you are planning your music curriculum for 2020-21, please see our Music Catalogue of Services 2020-21. We also have an amended SLA offer to include provision for the ongoing Covid-19 situation. Booking is available through Leeds for Learning.

Please see below for further details of our offers:

Whole Class Instrumental Teaching (WCIT)

Large Group Instrumental Teaching

Small Group Instrumental Teaching

Ensemble Leading and Directing

Whole Class Vocal Teaching (WCVT)

Small Group Vocal Teaching

Vocal Ensembles and Choir Directors

Accompanying Pianists

Curriculum Music

Specialist SEND Provision


Guidance for Schools

Terms and Conditions

The Leeds Music Education Partnership offer a range of subsidies and support for schools, designed to help schools in the delivery of their music curriculum.  For further information about the LMEP support, please click here.