City of Leeds Youth Music

We understand that a local lockdown for Leeds will be announced later this evening (Friday 25th September). We have not made a snap decision regarding this week’s earlier messages about returning to rehearsals, but are waiting to hear what the specific guidance is later today. We would encourage parents of CLYM members to let us know how via email you and your child are thinking and feeling about the plans you have already been sent in light of the announcement to be made later today.

We will be making a decision over the weekend and the early part of next week based on any specific guidance given later today and we will send an update to everyone once we have come to a decision. Thank you for your continued support for youth music in Leeds.



Do you sing or play an instrument? You could join one of our music groups for young people in Leeds!

ArtForms is proud to manage City of Leeds Youth Music (CLYM) Groups on behalf of Leeds Music Education Partnership. These ensembles offer the highest level of music-making opportunities to young people in Leeds aged 19 and under.

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The City of Leeds Youth Music groups meet weekly during the Leeds term time. Please click here to see the Leeds City Council School Calendar for 2020-21.

Please click on the links on the left to learn more about each of the different CLYM groups.

To find out about upcoming events, including open rehearsals where you can come along and try out a group for free, please click on ‘Events and Performances’ at the top of this page.

Some fee waivers and bursaries are available for those who need them. If you would like to discuss these options for your child, please email

If you would like to know more about City of Leeds Youth Music Groups, please email or ring the ArtForms office on 0113 37 82850.

Are you the parent or carer of a young person who attends a CLYM group? You can see previous emails and attachments that have been sent to you by clicking here.

Affiliated Partner Ensembles

The groups below are run by LMEP partner organisations. They are part of the CLYM family but have their own enrolment process and fees. Please follow their links for more information: