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Support with your Primary Music Development Plans

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On 15 May, the Department for Education (DfE) published new guidance on Music Development Plans for schools in England.  All schools are expected to produce a Music Development Plan, as set out in the National Plan for Music Education.  Schools are also expected to publish these on their websites before the start of the 2024 to 2025 academic year.  Schools will then be expected to update the summary before the start of each new academic year.

As part of the new West Yorkshire Music Hub, ArtForms is committed to supporting schools with their music development plans and to that end we have produced a bespoke, user friendly, ArtForms development plan template. This is designed to support primary schools at all stages of curriculum development including schools that have little or no music taking place, right up to the schools who already have a robust curriculum and co-curricular offer.

We are also able to offer a free music development consultation to all Leeds schools.  We can offer support and advice or sometimes just a second pair of eyes to look over your plans. If you would like a member of the ArtForms leadership team to visit your school, please either book through Leeds for Learning or email educ.artforms@leeds.gov.uk.  It is helpful if you could give some indication as to when the best days/times in the week would be for a visit.

The DfE have also created a template to support schools to publish a summary of their Music Development Plan on their website.  They worked with teachers and leaders at both primary and secondary level to design this.

These templates are not mandatory, and schools should feel free to adapt them or use their own format to publish on their websites.

Publishing a summary of their development plan will help schools to:

  • raise awareness of their music development plan
  • promote the school music offer to parents and prospective parents
  • give greater opportunity for schools and music hubs to work together

ArtForms are always willing to work with Leeds schools.  Please send any queries or requests for music development reviews to educ.artforms@leeds.gov.uk.



The artforms and department for education logos.