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Update 2/11/20: T

We had been hoping to re-open most of our Saturday morning Music Centres from this Saturday, 7th November.

In light of the government’s announcement of a new national lockdown, we have had to reconsider this plan. Bearing in mind that the overwhelming message of the lockdown guidance is to stay at home unless absolutely necessary, in reopening the Music Centres this weekend we would be encouraging our students to go directly against this guidance.

We will therefore be moving as much of our Music Centre tuition as possible online, hopefully to start later this month. The centres are not likely to open on-site until January 2021 at the earliest.

At most centres, these instrumental and vocal lessons will be delivered as online face to face lessons through Google Classrooms (a highly secure online learning platform with very robust data and safeguarding protection in place) and, wherever possible, music centre learners will be taught by their current tutor. Charges for these lessons will be in line with current music centre fees although some changes may apply if, for example, the session lengths may be different and/or the number of learners in a group changes.

In most cases, you can expect what we are providing online to closely match what was to be available at the Music Centres. In a few cases, we will have to change timings slightly, and there will be some activities (eg larger ensembles) that we won’t be able to provide online. If you have already enrolled, the Head of your Music Centre will be contacting you soon with more information about what will be on offer.

We’re very sorry for any disappointment caused by this news – we were very much looking forward to starting again on-site this week, as no doubt many of you were. The most important thing, however, is that we stay safe in these difficult times. The online solution will hopefully allow many of us to keep making music until we can meet again.


If you would like to enrol for an online Music Centre activity, you can still use our online form to register.

Click here to go to our online form.

Please note that completing the form does in itself not commit you to payment, and it does not guarantee a place – once we receive your form, we will contact you to confirm your activities and arrange payment.

Music Centres and COVID

It is important to us that the Music Centres are able to open as safely as possible. We will therefore be introducing social distancing and other safety measures at all of the centres. Please click here to read our guidance on staying safe at Music Centres.

Terms and Conditions

Click here to read the terms and conditions for Music Centre provision 2020-21.


Want to learn to play an instrument or sing?  Already play, but want to improve? Get expert tuition and friendly support at Leeds Music Centres. The Music Centres run on Saturday mornings at venues all over Leeds.  All ages are welcome, from under 5s to over 60s.  We have something for everyone, from fun beginner groups to advanced ensembles, covering all styles and levels of experience.

To view our current Child Protection policy please click here..

Fee waivers and bursaries

We believe Music Centre fees are very reasonable, but further concessions are available to families on qualifying benefits including Income Support, Jobseeker’s Allowance, Child Tax Credit and others. You may be eligible for a discount of up to 66%, to a maximum of £100 per student.  For more information, please contact the Music Centre you want to join, or call the ArtForms office on 0113 378 2850.

Free instrument hire

Want to try out a new instrument?  We can provide a year’s free-of-charge instrument hire for beginners (subject to availability).   After the first year, a small charge applies.   If you want to buy an instrument, Take It Away is an interest free loan scheme run by the Arts Council, which allows people to borrow up to £2000 towards the cost of any instrument. Awards for Young Musicians offer grants to young musicians.

Click here to learn more about Take It Away.

Click here to learn more about Awards for Young Musicians.