Subsidies and Support for Schools

Leeds Music Education Partnership is delighted to be able to offer funding support to schools in 2019-20.  LMEP supports music learning in all maintained schools, free schools and academies in Leeds, and enhances out-of-hours music making across the city.

LMEP offers cashback payments and bursaries to schools buying weekly tuition from an LMEP partner. Additional offers to schools include:

  • Innovative activity grants
  • Artsmark registration subsidies
  • Interactive performances by professional musicians in schools (Live Music in Schools)
  • Subsidised programmes for SILCs and PRUs
  • Gifted and Talented scholarships
  • Max Card offers
  • Fees Assistance
  • Access to partner offers
  • Subscriptions to Charanga
  • Subscriptions to Sing Up
  • CPD via Music Connect
  • Planning consultation and support

LMEP Bursary Scheme

The Leeds Music Education Partnership (the music education hub for Leeds) has funding to offer bursaries to assist children who are entitled to free school meals on grounds of income to have small group instrumental or vocal lessons in school. Please see this letter for more information. To apply for the scheme, you will need to fill out the application form and return it by 31st October 2019.

Details of all subsidised music programmes, together with application forms and terms and conditions, can be found in our Offer for Schools brochure. Please contact Jo Richardson via or call 0113 378 2850 if you would like to discuss how this offer can work best for your learners.