Offers for Schools, Academies and Clusters

ArtForms has long been at the forefront of developments in music education, pioneering new approaches to learning in and out of the music classroom. We deliver music education for all ages in many settings, and serve schools, academies and the wider community.

Leeds Music Education Partnership (LMEP) currently delivers the National Plan for Music Education’s core roles in 182 of our city’s 219 primary schools, and 31 of 40 secondary schools. Each week ArtForms teaches over 7000 children to play an instrument, delivers National Curriculum work for 3660 primary school aged children, and runs 7 Music Centres and 11 City of Leeds Youth Music Groups.

There is a range of services available:

  • Weekly delivery and SLA – this outlines the music services offered by ArtForms for weekly delivery through an annual Service Level Agreement;
  • Music Connect CPD and Training- find out about training opportunities for teachers;
  • Instrument Purchase and Hire – upgrade or add to the number and range of instruments that your pupils learn;
  • Workshops and Performances – keeping you up to date with extra opportunities for your pupils to experience music, in and out of school.

Please click on the links below to learn more about our services:

Weekly delivery and SLA 

Music Connect CPD and Training

Instrument Purchase and Hire

Workshops and Performances