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Outdoor Learning: Get Out More CIC

London’s Burning – Fire Fire!
Bring the Great Fire of London to life with this exciting workshop for pupils in Key Stage 1.


Pupils will begin the day looking at drawings and developing their understanding the circumstances in which the fire started and spread so quickly through the seventeenth century capital. They will then make their own London street, complete with St Pauls Cathedral as the centrepiece. In the afternoon, pupils will experience the sights, sounds and smells of a real fire as they watch it start from a spark in the bakery and spread through their constructed city. Pupils will consider the impact of wind and water on the fire and the aftermath of the devastation on the city. The activity will help develop first-hand experience of fire as well as a practical and valuable understanding of fire safety. The activity will be led by one of Get Out More’s qualified and experienced forest school practitioners with considerable experience of fires, who will ensure strict safety procedures are followed and pupils can safely enjoy the spectacle. This is a full day programme for one class of 30 pupils, which can be modified to accommodate 2 classes if required.

If you have questions about the session or to book, please contact Annie Berrington at Get Out More on 07974 935105 or info@getoutmorecic.co.uk


Annie Berrington believes we all need to get out more, so founded Get Out More CIC; a social enterprise on a mission to help people engage with nature to feel better in mind and body. A qualified and experienced forest school practitioner, she and her team work on nature-based outdoor learning, creative and wellbeing programmes with schools, nurseries and groups across Yorkshire, using the outdoors as a tool to develop learning, motivation, social skills and mental wellbeing. She offers bespoke sessions to meet school needs including ideas, skills and confidence in working outdoors for staff.