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Arts Home Learning Ideas: Week 12

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Some ideas and activities which can be delivered in school or at home


Environmental creative challenge
Local organisation, IVE, have made their latest Applied Creativity Lab free for everyone to access. The theme is #breathedeep and is open to anyone (aged 7+) to help find new ways to reduce air pollution, simply by being inventive. The programme includes a set of learning activities, which can be accessed by a group or as an individual.  The activities have been designed to suit home learning or in school delivery.

Final ideas can be submitted to IVE to be assessed by a panel of industry specialists from science and engineering, climate groups, health, civil servants and marketers. The idea which is deemed to be the most original and applicable will be supported to take the idea to the next stage of development. The deadline for submissions is 17th July 2020.  Click here to get started!

Music and Drama activities
Pegasus Opera Company have put together these digital resources which use music and drama as a way of teaching other areas of the curriculum. Each video specifies the age range and the theme.

Art Activity packs
Home is Where the Art Is have launched their latest activity pack, with contributions from UK artists.  This is third pack to be developed and is free to download.

Leeds Year of Reading: Dual language books
For families where the home language is not English, Mantra Lingua, have over 500 books which are read aloud in the home language and English. Their library is free to access for EAL households up to the 20th August 2020.