Design & Technology Home Learning

There’s lots of online resources to support schools and families with Design and Technology (D&T) activities during the most recent lockdown.



Accessible activities – ready to go

Engineers from the Dyson Foundation have put together these challenge cards which can all be undertaken at home.  (NB Some do require adult supervision, which is specified in the challenge brief.)

The Little Inventors ahave created weekly challenges for everyone to get involved with.  Lets get Leeds Young Inventors on the map!

STEM Learning have a resource page with family activities which require creative thinking and problem solving skills.

Take a look at the YouTube Makers Club from Playful Anywhere: varied activities and ideas, including content from children and young people.



BBC Teach have a range of films to support D&T.  The I Want to Design series are a set of short films demonstrating how you can have a go at making different things.  For children aged 7 -11, there are additional programmes exploring designers, food and design competitions.