Music and the Deaf






Formed by the charity, Music and the Deaf, in 2016, The FORTE Ensemble is a unique group of four deaf professional musicians who are committed to raising expectations of what deaf people can aspire to and achieve in music, and promote more high profile performance opportunities for musicians with a hearing loss.

Music and the Deaf is the only UK charity entirely dedicated to providing access, education and opportunities in music for deaf children, young people and adults. Through workshops in schools and the community, teacher training, talks and performances, Music and the Deaf has engaged thousands of deaf and hearing children and adults. Our ground-breaking project The FORTE Ensemble is designed to tackle the age old misconception that deaf people can’t access or excel in music.

The group made their debut performance at the House of Lords on 25th May 2016 as part of the Decibels Year of Sound launch event, followed by concerts at Sage Gates head on 1st June, and Kings Place, London, on 10th July.The FORTE Ensemble has since performed at The Crossley Gallery, Halifax, and the Arlington Arts Centre, Newbury, and continues to strive to develop music education and opportunities for people everywhere, regardless of their level of hearing loss.

Their education workshop “Classical Introduction” is suitable for all key stages and both deaf and hearing audiences. The programme features an interactive session around deafness and inclusion in music making.