Jambalaya are an acoustic folk-pop band that perform all original, high energy, fun music.

They have extensive experience playing main stages at major UK festivals and having their music played across national radio stations. Maia have been working with the charity Live Music Now delivering interactive workshops and concerts across all key stages. Their music plays upon catchy melodies and lyrics with powerful imagery expect a high energy show entwined with music making and creative musical activities such as group singing, conducting the band and rhythmic games.

Jambalaya performs as an acoustic band or, if preferred, fully staged and amplified.

For KS1: Expect a high energy show with plenty of sing-along moments. The performance incorporates various styles of music played on guitar, ukulele, banjo, mandolin, keyboard and percussion, including cajon and djembe. During the performance members of the audience will be invited to take part in creative musical activities as well as join in with singing.

For KS2: Through musical activities the band looks at performing to a group, layering sounds and creating rhythms. This allows the children to build their knowledge of song arranging and writing. Using popular song structures such as the 12 bar blues, children are involved in the creative process, with lyric writing, chord progressions and overall song structure.

For KS3: Stripping down the elements of a song and taking it back to the bare bones of lyric writing and instrument arrangements, enables a focus on performance techniques and songwriting.

For KS4: As well as being able to adapt our one-hour KS3 show to an older audience Jambalaya also has the ability to work with smaller groups in a more workshop-style environment.

Workshops can run from one hour to a full day.

Comments from previous workshops:

“It was so wonderful for the children to experience a quality live music act.”
“The children were so engaged and thoroughly enjoyed it. They were so interested in the different types of musical instruments.”
“What a fantastic experience for the children. It inspired us to make up our own songs during a music lesson.”
“They were just awesome!”
“I really enjoyed dancing along to the beat. Everyone was so happy listening and moving to the music”
“It was the best day of school ever!”
“It was really great and the children had an absolute blast.”
“A hearty thank you – a lovely visit this morning, which left our children fizzing. Superb vocal harmonies – better than the likes of Fleet Foxes.”
“I just wanted to let you know that your group was fantastic today, all of the classes absolutely loved it and so did the adults!”