Meet the Guitar Team

Mark is sitting on a sofa playing guitar. He has dark hair and a white shirt. There is a plant in the background.

Mark Lippert – Guitar & Ukulele Co-ordinator
James Coulthard – Guitar Tutor
Sam Dutton-Taylor – Guitar Tutor & SEND Teacher
Alex Fletcher – Guitar and Ukulele Tutor
Simon Franklin – Guitar Tutor 


Jess Freitas – Ukulele & Woodwind Tutor
Sean Goodchild – Guitar, Ukulele & Drum Tutor
Tom Grant – Guitar and Ukulele Tutor; Head of East Leeds Music Centre
John Hogg – Guitar Tutor
James Homer – Guitar, Steel Pan & Percussion Tutor
Owen Houlston – Guitar Tutor
Chris Jarman – Guitar & Ukulele Tutor
Steve Maloney – Guitar Tutor
Tom Reed – Guitar & Ukulele Tutor
Graham Rickson – Ukulele Tutor


David Rowe – Guitar & Ukulele Tutor
Nick Svarc – Guitar Tutor
Robert Webb – Guitar, Violin & Singing Tutor

Robert is standing in front of a brick wall and smiling. He is wearing a blue shirt, a bright red tie, and a black suit jacket.

Ruth Wilde – Guitar, Bass & Ukulele Tutor

A black and white picture of Ruth playing guitar. It looks like she might be on a stage. She is wearing glasses and a dark top.