Meet the Guitar Team

Mark is sitting on a sofa playing guitar. He has dark hair and a white shirt. There is a plant in the background.

Mark Lippert – Guitar & Ukulele Co-ordinator

Tell us about yourself!

I teach guitar and ukulele in small groups and whole class. As well as teaching, I am also the Guitar Co-ordinator making sure all schools and students have their instruments, making plans for the LSMA concert at the end of the year and servicing instruments. I joined ArtForms temporarily in October 2017 before coming a permanent tutor in January 2018.

I studied a diploma, foundation degree and BMus Degree at the Academy of Contemporary Music in guitar performance. I also have a PGCE and QTS in teaching from Brighton University, graduating in 2017. I started playing bass guitar from my 11th birthday and continued on electric guitar shortly after. I was self-taught for the first year or two before having classical and electric guitar lessons from a private tutor. My main influences would be Vinnie Moore (a neoclassical guitarist) and Brian May (Guitarist, Queen). My favourite song to play would be flying in a blue dream by Joe Satriani.

What other work do you do?

I write and record my own music in a studio at home and also currently rehearsing in a covers band where we play a mixture of pop/rock songs.

What do you like about your job?

I like how music influences and inspires people in all sorts of ways.

Why did you start playing?

My older brother was into playing electric guitar with his friends and being competitive I wanted to play as well and also be better.

Interesting fact – claim to fame, If you play any other instruments, hobbies, pets:

I played at a Welsh Beach Festival called BeachBreak and I got to be backstage with; Tinie Tempah, Ellie Goulding, Beardy Man and Chase and Status. I also played guitar on stage alongside Steve Vai and Chad Smith from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers!

Ruth Callan – Guitar TutorA grey
Catherine Carr – Guitar TutorA grey
James Coulthard – Guitar TutorA grey
Sam Dutton-Taylor – Guitar Tutor & SEND TeacherA grey
Alex Fletcher – Guitar and Ukulele TutorA grey
Simon Franklin – Guitar Tutor 

A black and white picture of Simon playing guitar. He is wearing an Iron Maiden t-shirt.Tell us about yourself!

I’m a Guitar tutor and I joined ArtForms in 2015. I have a GDip in Music, Post Grad in Jazz, Contemporary & Popular Music, a certificate in advanced Rock Guitar and a PGCE in Secondary Education. I studied at Leeds College of Music and Leeds University. I got into teaching by accident… A friend asked for a couple of guitar lessons and it went from there!

What other work do you do?

I occasionally play in Hi-on Maiden (the official Iron Maiden tribute band, endorsed by Iron Maiden themselves), I teach privately and through a number of agencies and schools.

What you like about your job?

There are two main things I love about my job: being onstage and seeing my students succeed. There are no better feelings!

Simon is on the right with a black dog right beside him on the left.Why did you start playing?

One reason. Iron Maiden! Certainly right at the beginning…!

Interesting facts – claim to fame, if you play another instrument, hobbies, pets:

I have a musical family, my uncles were in the Grumbleweeds, my cousin plays in The Kooks, I have another cousin who used to play in Acid Reign and Cathedral.

I have worked with members and ex members of Iron Maiden, Warlock (Doro) & Within Temptation. I have a cockapoo called Willow and am also extremely interested in Astronomy. Oh, and I’m a complete Star Wars nerd!

Jess Freitas – Ukulele & Woodwind Tutor

Tell us about yourself!

I joined ArtForms in September 2015 and I teach Whole Class Ukulele and Woodwind, and Small Group Woodwind. I achieved ABRSM Grade 8 on my clarinet and flute before going to university. I studied Music at York St John and graduated in 2012, studying a variety of musical genres, from classical to contemporary. I also enjoy performing in Musicals as a part of the band or on stage. In the past, I have played/conducted in shows such as Footloose, West Side Story and Phantom of the Opera, which I really enjoyed!

What other work do you do?

York Arts Education – teaching whole class Ukulele and Woodwind in York Schools

York Music Service – teaching one-to-one Woodwind in York Schools

Stagecoach Theatre Arts – I teach singing in Keighley and Skipton

What do you like about your job?

I like sharing my love for music and being able to perform.

Why did you start playing?

I started playing the clarinet in primary school and then joined Tutbury Wind Band for fun. I then went on to learn the flute in secondary school. I picked up the ukulele at university, joining the ensemble “Yorkulele”

Interesting facts – claim to fame, if you play another instrument, hobbies, pets:

I once performed at Derby County Football Club at half time with Tutbury Wind band.

As well as teaching, I also work at a theatre and get to meet lots of new people, including Sir Ian McKellen, Jimmy Carr, Freddie Flintoff and Kevin Clifton!

Sean Goodchild – Guitar, Ukulele & Drum Tutor

A black and white picture of Sean. He is wearing a hat and a dark top.Tell us about yourself!

I teach guitar to years five and six and ukulele to year three. I also teach guitar, drum, and ukulele classes at South Leeds Music Centre on Saturdays. I’ve been with ArtForms since October 2019.

I got my degree in Popular Music at Leeds College of Music and then studied for my PGCE at Manchester Nexus. My musical background spans classic and indie rock and I’m inspired by everything from Bach to Britney Spears. I’ve taught guitar since university and always really enjoyed helping others to build their skills, so my move into full-time teaching was a natural step.

What other work do you do?

In my spare time I tutor a number of students privately in guitar, bass guitar, and ukulele. I also write and record my own music and have released several EPs and an album with my band, Modern Pleasure.

What you like about your job/being a musician?

I enjoy working with my pupils to develop their musical skills and demonstrate their talents. Seeing their progression is the most satisfying part of being a music teacher and I like to give them the chance to show off what they’ve learnt by organising concerts and shows. Inspiring children’s music tastes by introducing them to new music they may not have come across before and developing their musical knowledge is also really important as part of what I do.

The part I most like about being a musician is reaching the goals I set myself and pushing the boundaries of my skills to achieve new things and I like to encourage my students to do this too.

Why did you start playing?

When I was in secondary school my music teacher at the time noticed that I had a particular aptitude for music and encouraged me to start playing keyboard. The enjoyment I got from it was infectious and my hobby soon transitioned into other instruments such as bass guitar and guitar, influenced by my dad who was a classic rock fan.

Interesting facts – claim to fame, if you play another instrument, hobbies, pets:

During my time in Modern Pleasure we toured with Laura Marling and performed with some well-known headliners including, Sunshine Underground, Mumford & Sons, Wolf Alice, and Mystery Jets at festivals and gigs. Some of our tracks were played on Radio One and Radio X and we reached over a million plays on several of our singles on Spotfiy.

I’m a big football fan and enjoying playing and watching in my spare time. I support Manchester United and go to games when I can.

Tom Grant – Guitar and Ukulele Tutor; Head of East Leeds Music Centre

Tell us about yourself!

I have worked for ArtForms for roughly 8 years, I started working on a Saturday morning at a music centre and then about a year later I was also working in schools midweek as a guitar teacher. In the past couple of years I was promoted to Head of East Leeds Music Centre.

What do you like about your job?

I love my job and the best thing about it is seeing children progress and enjoying themselves making and playing music.

Interesting fact – claim to fame, If you play any other instruments, hobbies, pets:

My highlight of my career so far has to be when one of my private students passed his grade 6 exam (with distinction) at the age of 6 (yes, 6! That’s not a typo). Once he did I got in touch with the Yorkshire Evening Post as I believed he is probably the youngest person to pass a grade 6 exam. So they ran an article on him the next day. This was then spotted by the TV Channel ‘Made In Leeds’ and they came to interview us both for a short program on their channel.

I hope you enjoy these lessons and it might be you that’s next in the newspaper and on TV for your amazing guitar playing!

John Hogg – Guitar TutorA grey
James Homer – Guitar, Steel Pan & Percussion TutorA grey
Chris Jarman – Guitar & Ukulele Tutor

Tell us about yourself!

I’m a Guitar and Ukulele teacher. I am currently in my 2nd year working for ArtForms, and I am involved with whole class and small group lessons. I also deliver 1-1 lessons privately.

I have been making music for 18 years and now I play and perform in bands- both originals and covers. I have studied at Leeds College of Music and Hull University. I love music and teaching has allowed me to spend my life sharing my passion with other people- both for playing and for learning.

Why did you start playing?

I was bought a guitar by my uncle when I was 14 and before that time I had no interest in playing music at all – I had no idea that it would become my focus through the next two decades and I will always be grateful for that moment. The first song I learned was Stairway to Heaven.

Interesting fact – claim to fame, If you play any other instruments, hobbies, pets:

I have played video games (Street Fighter) at a national competitive level, and I have a little black dog called Kuro (which means ‘black’ in Japanese).

Steve Maloney – Guitar Tutor

Tell us about yourself!

I currently teach guitar for ArtForms – I started working for the organisation five years ago, running the Rock Band group at North Leeds Music Centre.

I’ve played in bands for over twenty years – I currently perform in the electro rock group They Called Him Zone. I also co-run a recording studio in Bradford called Atelier Noir.

I started working in music education after completing an MA in Music Production. In addition to my work with ArtForms, I’m an Industry Partner at Leeds College of Music and a freelance music tutor.

What do you like about your job?

I enjoy being able to share the experience of my years playing, recording, and touring with young people starting out in music – offering advice on the rewards and the pitfalls.

James Milligan – Guitar TutorA grey
Tom Reed – Guitar & Ukulele TutorA grey
Graham Rickson – Ukulele Tutor

A picture of Graham wearing a white shirt and holding a light blue mug. The mug has his name on it.Tell us about yourself!

My first instrument is the horn, but the ukulele is so much easier! I studied Music at Leeds University and eventually became a primary class teacher, still spending three days a week working in a Year 6 classroom. I’ve been with ArtForms part-time since 2008 and still really enjoy it; I’m always finding new songs to work on and discovering different ways of introducing technical points.

What other work do you do?

As a horn player I’m a member of the Sinfonia of Leeds, and I occasionally manage to sneak out and have a strum with the Roundhay Ukulele Group. I’m also a music critic, writing opera reviews and a weekly Classical CD column for

Interesting fact – claim to fame, If you play any other instruments, hobbies, pets:

I have two cats and a dog. They usually leave the room when I start to play!

David Rowe – Guitar & Ukulele TutorA grey
Nick Svarc – Guitar TutorA grey
Robert Webb – Guitar, Violin & Singing Tutor

Robert is standing in front of a brick wall and smiling. He is wearing a blue shirt, a bright red tie, and a black suit jacket.Tell us about yourself!

I first joined ArtForms in 2014 to teach violin and singing at Horsforth Music Centre. In 2019 I re-joined the service as violin teacher at Wetherby Music Centre, where I also teach guitar and help direct the Training Orchestra. I have done school outreach work with violin and viola in Wetherby, and met several of the Artforms team at Music Connect events while teaching ukulele in a primary school.

I studied at the University of Leeds and at Birmingham Conservatoire. I have always loved making music, and so for me teaching and performing music is the best job in the world! Children are amazing learners, and it is so rewarding to see them make progress, gain confidence and discover music.

What other work do you do?

Outside Artforms, I work in a York school teaching violin and viola and directing string ensembles. As a performer, I enjoy playing in orchestras and small groups, and singing in choirs. I am a member of the Sinfonia of Leeds, and often play concerts with my wife Helen (a pianist).

Why did you start playing?

I began learning violin aged 4 or 5, then when I was 10 I kept asking my parents to buy me a guitar until they relented! I continued learning violin, guitar, piano and singing at secondary school. I became passionate about music when I joined my local youth orchestra aged 14, and have loved music-making of all kinds ever since.

Interesting facts – claim to fame, if you play another instrument, hobbies, pets:

I have been privileged to play with the Orchestra of Opera North on a number of occasions. As a choir member I have sung for TV and radio broadcasts, and on several CDs. In my spare time I love to ride a bicycle, and have completed rides such as the Coast-to-Coast and the York 100.

Ruth Wilde – Guitar, Bass & Ukulele Tutor

A black and white picture of Ruth playing guitar. It looks like she might be on a stage. She is wearing glasses and a dark top.Tell us about yourself!

Hello, I’m Ruth Wilde and I’ve taught the guitar, bass guitar and ukulele for ArtForms since 2007, teaching whole class and small groups. Outside of ArtForms, I keep myself busy teaching privately, playing with The Durbervilles, Barcode Zebra and writing music for Enso Project. 

I studied Jazz at Leeds College of Music and then went on to The University of Leeds, graduating with a masters in Musicology. 

What do you like about your job?

I’m a big fan of funk and love teaching disco basslines! It’s great being able to help pupils with a subject they are really passionate about.