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Bite-Size City of Leeds Youth Music Prom

Instead of sending out a 45 minute virtual concert video, we have decided to split the City of Leeds Youth Music (CLYM) Prom video into 3 bite sized sections which will go out over three weeks, with the first one on Friday 11th June. These ‘Bite-Size CLYM Prom’ videos will be available for the remainder of this school year for those who sign up, and can be accessed at any time.

In Week 1, your pupils will be able to watch LYJRO (Leeds Youth Jazz-Rock Orchestra) and the Leeds Silver Steel Sparrows steel pan band playing pop, rock and jazz pieces.

In Week 2, Roots Alive Youth Folk Group and Leeds Youth Choir will bring some traditional and folk music to your classrooms.

Finally in Week 3, the City of Leeds Youth Orchestra and City of Leeds Youth Wind Orchestra will complete our Bite-Size CLYM Prom series with two pieces of film music.

We hope that this format will be able to tie in with discussions you may already be having in lessons with pupils about genres, styles and which instruments are involved in different types of ensemble, as well as giving them a chance to see a focus on different instruments.

You can still sign up to receive the Bite-Size CLYM Prom by getting in touch with Catherine at catherine.lloyd@leeds.gov.uk.