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Annual City of Leeds Youth Music Prom review – 22nd March 2022

The City of Leeds Youth Music (CLYM) advanced groups played to 200 pupils from Leeds primary and secondary schools at Pudsey Civic Hall on Tuesday 22nd March. The groups playing were the City of Leeds Youth Wind Orchestra (CLYWO), Roots Alive Youth Folk group, Leeds Silver Steel Sparrows steel pan group and Leeds Youth Jazz-Rock Orchestra (LYJRO).

The audience consisted of pupils who were already learning an instrument in school. They really appreciated the high standard of the playing and pupils said they hoped that they would play as well as that in the future.

Quotes from schools  

“All loved how brilliant everyone was and some took away from the experience that they could be as good as that one day. It inspired some to carry on [with their music learning.”
– Leeds Primary School

“As well as enjoying the variety of music the staff loved the fact that their pupils were hearing live music again.”
– Leeds Secondary School

“A good variety of music which kept the children captivated.”
– Leeds Primary School

The pieces were engaging and energetic.”
– Leeds Secondary School

All in all it was an inspirational and enjoyable concert for the pupils and staff who attended, and for the young musicians who took part and put on an excellent performance for their peers.