Making the Most of Your Lessons At Horsforth Music Centre


The vast majority of music lessons at Horsforth Music Centre are delivered as group lessons. We believe this gives our members the best value and the best experience. Our teachers are vastly skilled musicians and teachers and are able over the course of the year to develop all students within their classes. We encourage individuals and families to measure their success not just by the difficulty or standard of music studied but also in their ability to listen to and play music with others. We believe that in performing and sharing music with others, it comes alive. Our concerts and recitals throughout the year are great ways of providing a focus for the year.

Your music lesson, usually of 40 minutes is an important time. We make every effort to ensure lessons start on time in good, working environments. Thank you in advance for being there on time with the required equipment. At the end of the lesson all students should know what needs to be done at home to practice. If you are not sure, please ask. Establishing a regular practice routine at home is one of the most important things you can do to ensure progression and development.

If you have any concerns at all about teaching and progression please share these with your teachers and with staff at the front desk. We have a great deal of experience in helping resolve small issues and, more importantly, we love it when members share their successes, triumphs as well as tribulations with us. We can’t help if members don’t talk to us. So if you or your child are struggling or lacking motivation please let us know. Often a conversation can help remind us that these obstacles are usually very temporary and everybody goes through them.

Our lessons are generally split into beginner or 2nd / 3rd year. Please note these terms are used just a as a guide. It may be that in your second year of playing a beginner class is still the best place for you or your child. Our teachers are skilled in making sure you are in the right class and our team of teaching assistants are here to make sure our members get the right amount of attention, at the right level, to ensure progress.

It is also recommended that members look to supplement their instrumental learning by joining an ensemble or enrichment class. These classes are hugely enjoyable and without doubt hugely beneficial to timekeeping, intonation and a whole host of other important musical skills. Ask your teacher and look on the timetable for all the pink classes.

Lastly, we are always looking for ways to improve at the centre. Anything we can do to help make your morning or your musical journey more rewarding and enjoyable please talk to us.