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LMEP music activity grants available for Leeds schools

Leeds Music Education Partnership (LMEP- Music Hub for Leeds) have funding grants up to £500 available for schools to introduce additional ‘innovative’ extra-curricular music activities for their students.

This year many schools have taken the opportunity to use the funding to resurrect their musical activity in school, after the restrictions during the pandemic. Successful activities include music festivals, workshop experiences from different musical genres, ensemble opportunities and activities linking music with other art forms.  Schools can link their intended activity with their own priorities and can collaborate with other schools on joint-funded projects.

One Primary school Music Lead said, ‘this funding will support us in improving the social and mental health of our children, as they have missed out on so much due to the pandemic’.

A Secondary school Music Lead said, ‘Many of our students have limited experience of music outside of school, this project will entice their musical interests as well as motivate them to come to school’.

For a funding application form or further information about the grant please email LMEP.artforms@Leeds.gov.uk