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LMEP Music Cashback for Schools!

The cashback funding advertised in the “Leeds Music Education Partnership (LMEP) offer for schools 2016-17” brochure, which many schools have applied for, is to support the instrumental teaching that schools will be buying from September 2016 to July 2017.
Schools will be charged the full amount for work they have contracted and will be reimbursed the cashback during the Autumn Term.
For LMEP to secure ongoing Arts Council funding which can then be passed on to schools, retrospective data and information is needed from schools each year. During the course of the coming academic year LMEP will inform schools what discounts will be available for 2017-18 and also ask schools to supply data about pupils learning instruments and other musical activity which will have taken place in the school during 2016-17.
For those learning instruments who are on free school meals, bursaries are available each year. Schools can apply for these once the autumn term is underway and you know who all your instrument learners are going to be for the year.