Colour Awards

ArtForms Colour Awards

These colour awards are great ways of encouraging and monitoring pupils progress. They track successes and development of skills that are not always recognised and cover a broader range of skills than national exams. They range from Red as the lowest level and build through Red, Orange, Yellow, and, as of Autumn 2015, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet.

Ways in which skills can be developed are left up to the imagination and resourcefulness of the individual teacher – they are not prescribed – ask, borrow, devise your own, share!

Below are downloadable versions of the colour award certificates and more information about the colour awards system. You can also download Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Indigo award cards to track pupils progress – if you do not have access to a printer, please let the office know and award cards / certificates can be printed for you.

Awards Guidance Notes

Guidance notes for Awards Small Group

Certificate Request Form


Small Group Certificates

Red Award Certificate

Orange Award Certificate

Yellow Award Certificate

Green Award Certificate

Blue Award Certificate

Indigo Award Certificate


Small Group Award Cards

Red Award Cards

Orange Award Cards

Yellow Award Cards

Green Award Cards

Blue Award Cards

Indigo Award Cards


Whole Class Award Cards

Red Award Cards – Whole Class

Orange Award Cards – Whole Class