Direct Billing Schools

Please find below the difference between direct billing schools and non-direct billing (or traded) schools for small group work.

In non-direct billing schools, the school purchases an amount of time from us in an SLA, usually between February and July, and then in September they will give you a list of who you’re teaching. This then goes on to your register, which you should return to the office ASAP. Until you return your register, we can only tell you how much time you have been allocated, and not who you are teaching. You should keep the admin team up to date with any new pupils so that we can ensure that our records are up to date and correct, and that you’re being given the correct amount of time for your teaching.

In direct billing schools, parents complete our online application form to request for their child to participate in lessons for that school year. We then inform you and the school to let you know who will be in your lessons from September or for any additions/cancellations during the school year. For these schools, if you have not been informed that a child will be in your lesson by the ArtForms office, then you should not teach them as we don’t have a signed parental form (and therefore, nobody is paying for their lesson). Schools may try to give you an extra list, but please stick to what you have been told by the ArtForms admin team.

If you’re unsure whether the school you’re teaching in is Direct Billed or SLA please contact to office to confirm.