The Woodwind Trio

Woodwind Trio

The Woodwind Trio are musicians Julia Breakspear (flutes and recorder), Richard Kippen (clarinet/saxophone/crumhorn/recorder) and Richard Rawson (bassoon/oboe/saxophone/cornamuse), they are experienced at working with children of all ages.

Workshops for All Key Stages: Performances suitable for all ages showcasing the full range of the Woodwind family to help pupils access the National Curriculum through a wider range of musical styles and genres. Exploring history through songs, movement and creative music which could culminate in a performance for the school. Topics include Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Anglo-Saxons, Vikings, Medieval, Tudors, Victorians, WW2.

Workshops for EYFS/KS1: Trio Toys, Fairy Tales and the Seaside.

Workshop for KS2: Changing Sounds: demonstrate and test out the science of sound with this practical and engaging workshop.

Workshop for KS2/KS3: Famous Composers workshop/performance