Trio Globo


Trio Globo takes you on a trip around the world in music, dance and song. Playing accordion, violin, clarinet, saxophone and a wide variety of percussion, they explore how music has grown out of the traditions of different countries. They bring a suitcase packed with percussion for audience participation, as well as songs and dances to try. Not just hands on, but feet and voices too! A Powerpoint brings visual images and links the journey to Geography, R.E. and P.S.E.

Their hour-long show covers:


  • exploring pulse
  • listening for different textures and timbres
  • moving to music


  • exploring different metres
  • listening and comparing music of different genres
  • identifying families of instruments and world instruments

KS3 and 4

  • we can offer workshops for small groups exploring improvisation and composition using as stimulus traditional styles from around the world.

Comments from previous performances

“Just wanted to say thank you once again. Both key stages really enjoyed their performances and the staff did too! Everyone left feeling really happy and positive! A huge thanks for that wonderful afternoon, memorable indeed and I am sure we will be asking for your return!”

“Just to let you know that Trio Globo’s performance on 12th October was a huge success at x Primary School. This was down to an amazingly skilled, energetic and creative performance by the group who brought music to life in a wonderful, educational way.”

“Thank you so much for your session. The children absolutely loved it! Both [the other class teacher] and I thought the session was so well delivered and planned and absolutely the right length.”

“We enjoyed a wonderful afternoon of global music when Trio Globo played for us earlier this year. The members of the group’s enthusiasm and passion for global music rubbed off on the whole school and the hall was filled with joy. The children (and staff) learned so much whilst listening to the brilliantly talented trio.”

Violin – Gill Pearson
Clarinet/Sax – Mary Plumb
Accordion – Pete Rosser