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City of Our Dreams – Multilingual Song about Leeds!

LMEP have teamed up with Leeds 2023 to bring a new commissioned singing resource for all schools. Created by LMEP partners Musical Futures for the Year of Culture, this is a great opportunity to be part of a city-wide collaborative video performance!  

Get involved! 

Online resources are available for teachers to guide classes through learning and performing the song. We are encouraging you to film your final performance and to share it with Leeds 2023 to be edited together into a mass participation music video.  The resources are suitable for primary and secondary schools.

We would love as many schools in Leeds as possible to get involved. This FREE resource includes backing and performance tracks, and sheet music to allow instrumental performance to accompany voice performance if you want to. Film your final performance (the more creative the better!), send it in to LEEDS 2023, and it will feature in the final video on LEEDS 2023’s YouTube Channel during Leeds Language Week 13 – 19 November! 

Learn to sing in French, Spanish, Romanian, Polish and Urdu. We encourage you to add in other languages you may have in your school.

To access the song resources, instructions and find out how to submit your song videos, please click on this link:  

Video resources – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6WV9wEVdssgwikG-yDybeYC2SmjYDPX4

Lyrics, audio and chord sheets – https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1-DzJxi6Hr3e1Fno2obDLSeehnzGZWj8E?usp=drive_link

We would love to see you share any images and clips of your school practicing for the challenge on social media by tagging @LEEDS2023, @ArtFormsLeeds and #LeedsMultilingualSong. 

Please note that all children and young people captured on your video must have photographic and video permissions, as these images will be shared on the internet and social media where necessary.  

Deadline: The closing date for entries is Friday 27 October 2023 at 4pm. 


How to submit your videos: 

Guidance for filming on cameras / tablets / phones: 

·       Minimum resolution full HD – 1920*1080. 4K is preferred if supported by the device used to film. 

·       All videos MUST be landscape / 16:9 aspect ratio. Vertical videos such as Instagram reels (mobile phones held upright) will not be usable. 

·       24fps (frames per second) if possible, using your device. Most phones will offer this as an option within camera settings. 

·       Steady, static angles are preferred to too much movement. Any movement must be steady, preferably with the aid of a gimbal. 

·       Files must be shared uncompressed via WeTransfer (https://wetransfer.com/) to hello@bigskycreative.co.uk directly. Please state your school in the description. Once your video is downloaded, you will receive a confirmation email from WeTransfer.  

·       In the title of the email sent from WeTransfer, please write: L23-LLW-Song-[insert the name of your school].  

·       In the body of the message to Big Sky Creative, please write the name of your school and sign off with the name of a lead contact from the school should we need to get in touch with you regarding the footage. Please also state how many pupils took part.  

·       Files shared via messaging apps etc are often compressed and this will degrade footage, please transfer to computer using a cable connection, AirDrop or other form of transfer that will not compress footage. 


For more information please email Artforms at Educ.Artforms@leeds.gov.uk.