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Den building with the Den Experiment

Chris Harman is a Leeds based artist who specialises in sculpture. His own work is based on the concept of dens and building. Chris is professionally trained with a First Class Honours Degree in Art & Design and he has experience of teaching and engaging with a range of audiences. Chris has run den building projects in over 500 schools and has also delivered workshops with Leeds Art Gallery, The Hepworth Wakefield, English Heritage and Yorkshire Sculpture Park.


These one day den building workshops are designed for one, two or three classes (approx. 30 pupils per class) from KS1 and KS2. The activities take place outdoors, with the pupils working together in teams to design and build a den.  The den building process will enable your pupils to develop their team work, organisational and communication skills. The workshops can be adapted to the school environment and current topics.

Chris will tailor the theme of the den building to suit the area of the curriculum that the children are learning about.  In the past this has included: Knights and Castles, Stone Age Settlements, a den ‘Dome Maths Challenge’, Outdoor Survival, Geography topics and even building dens to create a space for storytelling.   However, this is not a finite list and Chris can accommodate most topics.

To find out more, please email Chris on info@denbuilding.co.uk