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Design and make with Zoe Phillips

Zoe Phillips is a practical maker, who works within the world of theatre and offers first- hand knowledge and experience that promotes traditional craft skills, transferable skills and nurtures resilience.


This workshop will introduce pupils to the world of theatre, giving them an insight into the backstage skills and jobs essential for any production.   Pupils will explore a range of props and leatherwork items before creating their own magician’s bag or Second World War map pouch.   These workshops covers D&T National Curriculum requirements.

During the session, pupils will:

  • Create their own magician’s bag (complete with magic trick!) or map pouch;
  • Apply their mathematical knowledge of nets to create a 3D object;
  • Develop their practical and creative skills, using a range of materials;
  • Make an informed choice regarding the best material for the bag/pouch (taking environmental considerations into account);
  • Explore the range of creative career opportunities within the arts.

For further information, please contact Zoe by email:   bydeckleandhide@gmail.com