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The Smartest Giant in Town: Pavla Beier

The Smartest Giant in Town Workshop, based on the book by Julia Donaldson

In the town in our story there are humans, animals who live as humans – they wear clothes, drive cars and can speak – and then there are giants. The giants can’t help but cause all kinds of destruction in the human-sized town (it’s not their fault that they can’t reach into the shops without breaking the tiny door frames) and the humans have no patience or sympathy for the giants’ predicament. How will they ever learn to live peacefully side by side?

In this practical session, the pupils take on the roles of the humans and the giants to support their understanding of their points of view.  Facilitated by Pavla (also in role), the pupils work together to present their argument, as humans and giants, to the Mayor of the town. This workshop focuses on preconceptions and tolerance by listening to and interrogating different perspectives.

For further information, please contact Pavla Beier by email: pavlabeier1@gmail.com

Availability: January, February, March, May, June and July 2022.

Pavla has worked closely with teachers and children in primary settings for almost 20 years, using participatory drama as a way in which to engage children in a topic in order to deepen and enrich their learning. Using a strong story as a starting point, she creates an inclusive environment with space for children to reflect and enquire; examining the inferred meanings within a story as well as the overarching themes.  Pavla’s background is in performance, theatre in education and child development, with a BA (Hons) in Communication Arts: Drama Specialism and an MA in Childhood Studies.