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Clay sculpture: Sam Paechter

Get creative with clay

Clay is a fantastic material for children to use. It’s easy to manipulate, can be used to enhance subjects across the curriculum and the finished pieces can last thousands of years!

Local potter, Sam Paechter, has been using clay in Leeds schools since 1995. During that time, he’s worked with children to produce thousands of pieces of work, ranging from small models, pots and tiles to large communal pieces like the many clay murals and signs which adorn the walls of schools around the city.

Possible workshops can include:
  • Ancient Potter: Children will make their own Greek, Roman or Bronze Age pot
  • Brilliant Bayeux: Children will create their own clay model of an archer of foot soldier from the Bayeux Tapestry.
  • Creature of the Rainforest: Children will study the forms of animals to create their own clay model of rainforest creatures.
  • Minibeast Menagerie: Children will study the forms of insects and other small animals and work in small groups to create their own minibeast models.

The workshops include firing. To find out more about any of these workshops, or to discuss something bespoke for your school, including staff training, please contact Sam Paechter by email: sam@boffinprojects.co.uk or phone: 07939 077 036