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Arts Make a Difference: Inspire, Engage, Achieve

The Arts touch all aspects of our lives.  They can contribute to raising children’s academic attainment and achievement, support the development of skills, raise confidence and self esteem, impact on health and well-being and be truly life enhancing.

Leeds is an ‘arts rich’ city and by working together, we need to ensure that every child has the opportunity to experience and benefit from the wonderful range of arts and cultural activity available to them.

Our vision is that children and young people have access to a rich and broad cultural learning offer (in and out of school) in order to:

  • raise achievement in and through the arts
  • foster a sense of enjoyment and fulfilment in learning through the arts
  • increase the numbers of children and young people actively participating in arts and cultural activity
  • ensure the arts and cultural offer is high quality, dynamic and relevant