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ArtForms Arts Development are launching two new networks for 2018/19!

If you work in a primary school and are the subject leader for Art and/or Design and Technology, our networks might be just the thing for you.

Both of the networks will meet three times a year: one half day each term.  Each session will have a themed focus and will also include national and local updates, including up to date research.


The Primary Art Leaders Network sessions are:
25th September 2018, 1pm – 4pm: Practical approaches to Art Assessment
22nd January 2019, 1pm – 4pm: Developing oracy through Art
8th May 2019, 1pm – 4pm: Planning and progression in Art

The Primary Design and Technology Leaders Network sessions are:
23rd October 2018, 9am – 4pm, Craft Development Day (This will be delivered in partnership with the University of Leeds and Leeds Arts University.)
14th March 2019, 1pm – 4pm: D&T -Mechanical Systems Made Simple
13th June 2019, 1pm – 4pm: Structures Made Simple


For further information, please contact jane.zanzottera@leeds.gov.uk or visit the ArtForms Arts Development service page on Leeds for Learning.

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