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5 YouTube channels to support curriculum music

In the current climate, teachers and parents alike are looking for resources to help children learn in new ways as the majority of pupils are at home. The internet can be a treasure trove of resources, but with all this choice it’s difficult to know where to start – so our National Curriculum team of qualified teachers have got you covered with these five recommendations for YouTube channels that will get kids moving, learning, and enjoying their music lessons from home!

1. Ollie Tunmer
Ollie Tunmer from The Beat Goes On is posting regular rhythm warm ups and exercises during the crisis on his YouTube Channel – great for a bit of movement, rhythm and pulse work!

2. Koo Koo Kanga Roo
Koo Koo Kanga Roo – Great for Kids of all ages, stay active, learn the dance moves, keep the rhythm and follow the pulse to the music. Our favourites are Dinosaur Stomp and Unicorns R Real!

3. Musication
The Musication Youtube Channel has lots of really good videos to use in their Percussion Play-Along Playlist. Get the pots and pans out and get a few children in school or the whole family at home involved!!

4. Mr D. Morley
A youtube channel that includes lots of useful short videos ranging from how to read notes to the history of rock music.

5. Brian Gossard
A youtube channel built by Brian Gossard that includes lots of educational videos explaining how rests and different dynamics work.

To see even more online resources for home learning, you can visit our “Resources During Covid-19” page for schools, or our “Home Learning Resources” page for section-specific learning resources. Keep up the music making!