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LMEP’s New Music Transition Project – Key Stage 2 to 3

Following the success of last year’s LMEP Music Transition Project, led by ArtForms, a brand new project has been devised for this year.

With Transition a key priority in both primary and secondary settings as highlighted by the DfE’s Model Music Curriculum, many schools have requested support and resources in this area.

This year’s project will be structured in a similar way to that of last year but the resources will consist of a completely new package which has been produced in conjunction with Musical Futures.  Fran Hannan (Musical Futures Managing Director) is very much looking forward to working with colleagues from the city, particularly when co-directing the CPD session, and stated:

“Musical Futures has a long-standing partnership with ArtForms/LMEP and so we are delighted to be working with them once again on this exciting transition project.   This year the resources will come from our Musical Futures Online resource platform – winner of the ‘Outstanding Musical Education Resource’ category in the recent Music and Drama Education Awards.”

The project will begin with a series of lessons aimed at pupils at the end of Year 6, to be delivered by a non-specialist teacher.  All lesson materials and guidance are provided and the only instruments required will be body percussion or basic hand-held percussion.  The project will continue with pupils at the beginning of Year 7 and it is expected that it will be delivered by a specialist Music teacher.  Resources and lesson notes will be provided but there will be greater flexibility in how the materials can be delivered by the specialist teacher.  A greater range of instruments will be useful including any combinations of keyboards, ukuleles, guitars and tuned percussion.

The overall aim of the project is to develop pupils’ musical skills whilst providing an opportunity to bridge the gap between Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3.

In order to allow colleagues to be guided through the package and to give the opportunity for them to ask questions, a CPD session will be held online.  Following last year’s CPD session, feedback was extremely positive and here are some examples of what people had to say:

  • Very ‘credible’ song even with ‘Summer Term’ Year 6 pupils!  Easy to adapt and use.  Such a lovely idea to empower our pupils when they’re in Year 7.  Trainer and resources excellent.  Always willing to go above and beyond to help us.
  • It was great to speak to other colleagues and I think it is a fantastic idea to create a project that helps the transition from Music at KS2 to KS3.
  • Comprehensive information about the project from the trainer.
  • Clear explanation of resources and chance to discuss with colleagues in different schools.

This year’s CPD session will take place online on Monday 23 May 2022 at 4.00pm.  Schools can sign up via Leeds for Learning:

Virtual Music Transition – Year 6 to Year 7 – CPD Session | Leeds for Learning

The Transition Project, including the CPD session and the resource package is free of charge to all Leeds schools as it is fully funded by Leeds Music Education Partnership (LMEP) and led by ArtForms as part of the Music Connect programme.