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Arts Home Learning Ideas: Week 9

Lots of things to get busy with this week

Get outside!
• Thursday 21st May is Outdoor Classroom Day! Their website has lots of ideas on it, all based on being outside and using natural resources.

Get making!
• Artist Darrell Wakelam has shared around 50 different things to make – including step by step instructions- from materials you would find in your recycling bin (plates, plastic milk cartons, egg boxes etc) over the past few weeks. They really are fantastic! You can find them by visiting his twitter feed @DarrellWakelam 

Get inspired!
• Leeds based tutti frutti’s #TuesdayTakeover sees their creative practitioners take over the tutti frutti social media and share their brilliant ideas and activities! Coming up this week and next:
Tuesday 19 May – Catherine Chapman, regular designer of the lovely tutti frutti sets, costumes and props (including Ugly Duckling and Rapunzel), will be delivering brilliant craft activities.
Tuesday 26 May – Christella Litras, who created the beautiful sound for Yellow is the Colour of Sunshine, will be doing all things music and fun! Tune into Instagram, Twitter or Facebook to get involved!

Leeds Libraries weekly newsletter #7 is out now to read. This week is the Hay Festival Programme for Schools . They are delivering it online and it’s free for anyone to watch. Events including performance, storytelling and workshops run from 8am every day.

Get involved!
• Tiny Revolutions: Since the start of the lockdown, Fun Palaces has been asking people to share ways they are enjoying their own creativity to connect with neighbours whilst safely social distancing. These Tiny Revolutions are easy steps anyone can take to connect a little more in their local community or pass time creatively in self-isolation. Fun Places are particularly keen on including the many people who have very limited or no internet access (around 12 million in the UK) and so many of the Tiny Revolutions are also available as a one-page download to print and share with care or food deliveries for the vulnerable or isolated.