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Get creative with oracy

Creative Approaches to support Oracy: &th June 2018, 1pm – 4pm, Leeds Industrial Museum, Armley Mills

Speaking and listening, talk for learning and language development are all vital for developing pupil’s thinking and learning skills.   Research from the Education Endowment Foundation indicates that language programmes benefit children’s attainment, partiuclarly those who may be seen as disadvantaged learners.

The arts are an excellent way to engage pupils in their learning, providing pupils with tangible experiences.  They not only develop pupils’ knowledge and skills, but also raise confidence and self esteem.  Working creatively allows pupils to question and test out ideas in a collaborative way and can be an effective approach to developing pupils’ speech, language and communication skills.

During this training course, delegates will:

  • develop an understanding of how the arts and creative approaches can support pupils’ speaking and listening skills
  • explore a range of starting points for developing talk
  • participate in creative speaking and listening activities which can be applied in the classroom

For further information and to book a place, please visit Leeds for Learning.